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Genesis Elijah shows who's still rapping on 'Sleeper Pick'

Genesis Elijah shows who's still rapping on 'Sleeper Pick'

Author: Daniel David | Friday 4th June 2021

Genesis Elijah shows who's still rapping on 'Sleeper Pick' Photograph

When J. Cole released his latest album, Joe Budden questioned (on the Joe Budden Podcast) who else was still rapping like that. In his latest release, Genesis Elijah steps up to show that he is one of those who is still rapping. Using the title 'Sleeper Pick,' homage to the Joe Budden Podcast's sleeper picks at the end of the show, Genesis uses the track to highlight that there are still rappers rapping out here.

Spitting over a Pastor Dutchie beat that sounds like something Bink, Just Blaze or Kanye would have provided Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel or Memphis Bleek in the Rocafella golden age, Genesis sets a challenge for J. Cole. His choice of rapping about topics which might not get him mainstream attention and brings to light his 20 years of success as a rapper without being signed to a deal. He finishes the tune with one last homage to Joe Budden with the last bar.

'Sleeper Pick' is part of Genesis Elijah's 53 Weeks project, where he release a song per week in the whole of 2021. You can keep up with the playlist here.

Be sure to check out Genesis Elijah's new track 'Sleeper Pick' below!