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Crep Protect are offering FREE Sneaker Customisation at Adidas UK Flagship Store

Crep Protect are offering FREE Sneaker Customisation at Adidas UK Flagship Store

Author: Wardah Sempa | Thursday 27th February 2020

Crep Protect are offering FREE Sneaker Customisation at Adidas UK Flagship Store Photograph

Last weekend, Crep Protect offered complimentary sneaker customisation at the adidas_LDN flagship on Oxford Street. The creative collaboration between Crep Protect and sneaker customiser CroxxHatch helped customers to have their Adidas Superstars personalised with unique designs.

Across the 14th and 15th of February, Crep Protect invited adidas Creators to experience a live event involving CroxxHatch; a sneaker customiser who paints colourful compositions directly onto sneakers. adidas Creators had the opportunity to pick from a vast array of designs and have these painted onto their sneakers whilst they watched. These designs varied from colourful camouflage patterns and the wearer's initials to more unique options such as flowers and graphics.

This bespoke sneaker customisation service reinforces the wearers own unique identity, allowing them to create and share the story on how their personal shoes were brought to life. The activation was busy throughout the entire weekend, with people constantly passing through the Sneaker Services section to see the art come to life. Due to the popularity of the activation. it was oversubscribed quickly, giving a lucky few the chance to create their own personalised Superstar.

Adding to the activation, Crep Protect Cleaning Thrones were also on hand to offer adidas Creators the opportunity to experience a complimentary sneaker clean, located right at the entrance of the adidas_LDN store. The added surprise of a free clean for all customers was something that was very well-received, further adding to the shared message of both Crep Protect and adidas.

For Crep Protect, the Cleaning Thrones serves two purposes. Firstly, they create trust between the brand and the customer by offering them a complimentary cleaning service. Secondly, they empower customers with knowledge on how to clean their sneakers with the right tools; vastly improving the life cycle of a shoe in the process.

Across the activation weekend, Adidas Creators were also treated to the opportunity to claim a cleaning kit from Crep Protect. Those who purchased Adidas Superstars had the chance to claim the co-branded Crep Protect x Adidas Cure Kit; a product exclusive to the adidas_LDN flagship.