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Frosty drops new visuals to 'H20'

Frosty drops new visuals to 'H20'

Author: Triston Macauley | Friday 28th February 2020

Frosty drops new visuals to 'H20' Photograph

Frosty has released his latest banger, titled H20. The south London rapper goes in with a calm and collected flow which juxtaposes the heavy-hitting drill beat.

The verses Frosty delivers are cold, no pun intended. He rides the beat with a cool manner whilst spitting serious bars. The chorus is simple yet catchy, making it memorable for the listener.

The theme of the track is mostly about flexing. The drill artist mentions how much money he has in his bank account amongst other glamourous things.

In the drill scene, Frosty comes across with a unique style. His calm demeanour contradicts the things he raps about, which makes him an interesting listen.

The visuals directed by Kirx Diaz are mostly of Frosty rocking shades and a hooded jacket in different locations giving it a mysterious vibe. The settings include the artist standing outside the block with two motorcyclists driving rings around him. The effects used to transition of each scene run smoothly, making the visuals more effective.

If Frosty keeps producing tracks like this, then 2020 could be a prominent year for the artist. Let us know your thoughts of the track on social media.