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Big Nate drops new track 'Clowns'

Big Nate drops new track 'Clowns'

Author: Daniel David | Friday 6th March 2020

Big Nate drops new track 'Clowns' Photograph

Big Nate is gearing up for the release of his new project 'Ths is Not a Drill 2' and he kicks things off with the first single 'Clowns'.

Spitting over a pounding Ouija Drill beat, Nate is venting, sending shots for the clowns in society. Big Nate. The songs features clever punchlines referencing not one, but two beloved TV shows, The Simpsons with "too many clowns in this place, I'm surrounded by Sideshow Bobs" and Everybody Hates Chris with "why man wanna hate like I'm the new Chris."

Keep an eye out for more releases from Nate and be sure to let us know what you think