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H Moneda x C biz 'Juggernaut' visuals released!

H Moneda x C biz 'Juggernaut' visuals released!

Author: NJ | Friday 6th March 2020

H Moneda x C biz 'Juggernaut' visuals released!  Photograph

H Moneda and the ER saucerer Biz release their newest joint, titled JuggerNaut, with an expensively produced visuals that sees flashy cars and bussdown chains. The track showcases impressive lyricism and realness, whilst also being enjoyable.

Biz has slowly returned with flashy visuals and insane collabrations. His latest single with Tkay MadMax, Designer, is sitting on 1.3m in just two weeks - showing the likeness the track has attained. Biz continues to eat right and give us the occastional hit when we need it, and lately he has been blessing the streets, so hopefully continues to do so.

H Moneda has been dropping the street's medicine for 10 months and his personal hit DisContinued is quite a present for trap music fans out there!

Stream Juggernaut on all digital platforms.