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Get Paid £3,500 To Be Infected With Coronavirus

Get Paid £3,500 To Be Infected With Coronavirus

Author: Wardah Sempa | Wednesday 11th March 2020

Get Paid £3,500 To Be Infected With Coronavirus  Photograph

Experts at Queen Mary BioEnterprises Innovation Centre in Whitechapel are offering 24 candidates the chance to be infected with two strains of the virus in an attempt to find a vaccine. During the study, participants will spend two weeks in isolation, eat a restricted diet and will not be able to exercise or have physical contact with other people.

Each patient will be regularly examined by doctors in protective clothing and will have to hand in all their dirty tissues. Hvivo, the company which owns the laboratory, will need to get a green light from the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency before the testing starts.

Cathal Friel, executive chairman of Hvivo’s parent company, Open Orphan, says the company is at the ‘forefront of the fight against the outbreak’. Other drugmakers across the globe are also starting their own participant studies into coronavirus, with scientists in Seattle calling on healthy volunteers to participate in a 14-month trial.

So-far three people have died after testing positive for Covid-19 in the UK, while new cases of the virus have been reported across the country today. England has more than 244 cases of the virus, while Northern Ireland has 12, Scotland has 12 and Wales has six. Anyone wishing to partake in Hvivo’s study can fill out a form at