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J Hus has some surprises on the way!

J Hus has some surprises on the way!

Author: Liss Morales | Sunday 15th March 2020

J Hus has some surprises on the way! Photograph

Ever since late January, J Hus fans have been enjoying his second studio album, Big Conspiracy, and eagerly awaiting the rappers next move.

Well, it appears that there isn't much longer to wait as Hus has shared a visual teaser on his Instagram profile of what appears to be an upcoming freestyle - or maybe something more. Captioned "freestyle but my style is not free. @theugliest" it seems that the rapper may be rebranding his clothing venture and will be dropping merchandise soon.

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freestyle but my style is not free. @theugliest -

A post shared by Safa Kara Fafara (@theuglygram) on

Clicking on the link to The Ugliest Instagram profile takes you to a page with a website link, and by following that link you will be able to sign up with your email to be alerted when the online clothing store goes live.

Not only does Hus have clothing on the way, but what we think may be a freestyle could actually be part of a DVD - as the trailer on YouTube is titled 'Spang DVD Trailer', and has been uploaded on a channel named Spangers Tele which states its content will be "music - art - fashion. life".

And if that isn't exciting enough, it looks like we'll also be seeing more from iceè tgm who also posted a picture with the The Ugliest backdrop from the trailer in the background.

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iindividual strèngths & grøup põwer.

A post shared by ❄️iceèTHaGM (@icee.tgm) on

We wonder if the freestyle or clothing collection will be called "Strength and Power" considering the captions from The Ugliest, DJ Billz and iceè tgm recent Instagram picture. We look forward to seeing what's to come.