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Skepta x Chip x Young Adz Release Joint Album 'Insomnia'

Skepta x Chip x Young Adz Release Joint Album 'Insomnia'

Author: Boy Nash | Friday 27th March 2020

Skepta x Chip x Young Adz Release Joint Album 'Insomnia' Photograph

Don't worry about being stuck inside during these uncertain times, Skepta, Chip, and Young Adz will have you entertained through this period with their brand new joint album 'Insomnia'.

5 days ago I was scrolling through my Instagram and I was hit with a pleasant surprise. An Instagram post from Skepta stating " New Skepta/@Officialchip/@youngadz1 #Insomia album @ Midnight - 27.03.2020: Pre-order link in my bio". On 25th they released a video for one of the songs on the album which is titled 'Waze' this video has accumulated over 500k views in roughly a day. This shows the product is in high demand and the people can't wait to hear it.

In all honesty, can you blame the people? You have Chip who is a top tier lyricist in the U.K; holds a decade of experience within the scene. You have Young Adz who is a member of D Block Europe, a powerhouse who sold-out Alexandra Palace not once but twice in a couple of minutes, then you have Skepta, who needs no introduction. His commitment to music and journey is a testament in itself

Today is the day and 'Insomnia' is up on all digital platforms for download. The album holds a healthy 12 tracks with one feature coming from D Block Europe member Dirtbike LB.

Give the album a listen and let us know what you think