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Rushy releases brand new visuals 'S3 Way'

Rushy releases brand new visuals 'S3 Way'

Author: Thelma Khupe | Sunday 29th March 2020

Rushy releases brand new visuals 'S3 Way' Photograph

Produced by Guillermo, the same hitmaker behind his debut single ‘Trippidy Trap’, this song marks Rushy’s 2020 takeover. With his steady flow and subtle manipulation of intonations, his verses seamlessly blend in the beats upbeat, playful nature and brings something unique to the UK music scene.

And if any of the faces look familiar, it’s because they are. Directed by Ruby + Boya, ( @rubyseresin and @boyadee_ on Instagram) the video features some of Rushy’s close friends, visually capturing his appreciation for brotherhood and those around him. The video features shots of Rushy and his friends in different relaxed settings as Rushy delivers his verses in a variety of Patty tracksuits.

All in all, Straight3 are collective to look out for this year, with more singles and projects on the way. And Rushy’s adoption of a Trap/UK rap hybrid sets precedence for an interestingly exciting year for UK music.