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Dave calls out unappreciation for the NHS

Dave calls out unappreciation for the NHS

Author: Ella Smith | Tuesday 31st March 2020

Dave calls out unappreciation for the NHS Photograph

Streatham-born rapper Dave has slammed recent surge in support for NHS, arguing that the NHS are generally unappreciated. He starts the 6-post Instagram stories rant with 'bro, this country is f*cked'.

He then goes on to call the government selfish, as they had the measures to stop the virus, and people who voted Conservative in the first place due to the Tories wanting to privatise the NHS.

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Dave tells his 1.5million followers that his Mum worked for the NHS and that no one cared until they had no choice. He asks 'did NHS staff not have rights before the virus? Did our parents not deserve free parking or wages that they could actually live on or support or basic human f*cking respect?'

Does Dave have a point? Should people who voted for the privatisation of the NHS feel ashamed about only now fully appreciating our health service workers due to a global crisis? Let us know your thoughts.