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Meet The Women Taking Over The UK rap scene @shaybo @IvorianDoll_ @_missrossi

Meet The Women Taking Over The UK rap scene @shaybo @IvorianDoll_ @_missrossi

Author: Thelma Khupe | Thursday 2nd April 2020

Meet The Women Taking Over The UK rap scene @shaybo @IvorianDoll_ @_missrossi   Photograph

In an industry traditionally dominated by men, 'female rap' (a questionable term) is finally emerging into the mainstream thanks to pioneers such as Nicki Minaj et al, having laid the foundation. A surge of lyrically artistic, well versed and strong kneed women are defying the unwritten rules of rap; Megan thee stallion, JT, Asian doll, Doja Cat and Rico Nasty just to name a few. And not just in the states, women in the U.K. are opening up room for themselves displaying talent often doubted by their male counterparts.

Maybe one day, women who rap will be so well integrated into the industry, that they need to premodify them with gendered pronouns won't exist. A 'female' rapper is still a rapper and with versatility ranging from Rico Nasty to Saweetie, grouping them according to their genitalia is outlandish. So without further ado, meet the women taking over the U.K. rap scene:


When it comes to deliverance and lyrical ability, Shaybo reigns overall. Her first youtube freestyle took the streets of London by a storm in February of 2011, announcing her arrival to the scene with her harsh flow and assertive lyrics. Fast forward to 2017, she performed her Bl@ckbox freestyle, teasing at the idea of a comeback. Another two years later, Shaybo confirms an official comeback with two Link Up TV appearances and a Tiffany Calver freestyle:


While a victim of slut-shaming and misogyny within the music industry, Vanessa responded with a middle finger to all her critics and those who weaponised her sexuality against her. Her lightwork Freestyle showed her complexity inflow and lyricism as a solo artist and her confident presence in her most recent video titled 'Diss Track' shows us that no elaborate video setting is needed when you are what draws in the views.


Miss Rossi, 19-year-old Zambian born rapper isn't new to the limelight, having already established herself as a YouTuber. After the release of 'Dusk till Dawn' which gained an incredible 33,000 views on youtube, she released 'Gimmie Sum'- a cheeky but fun head Bopper. We can't wait to see what the future holds for Miss Rossi.


Teezandos is no stranger to the U.K. rap scene. Having released her fare share of freestyles and videos in the past, the young rapper came back with a rebrand to give us visuals for her latest track 'Need more'.

5. DIS

Lewisham rapper 'Dis' is known in and across London for her Mad about bars freestyle which gained an impressive 270,000 views on youtube back in 2016. While the rapper has gone under the radar, we hope to see a strong comeback from her soon.