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#OFB's JS goes in with 'Hard Times' visuals

#OFB's JS goes in with 'Hard Times' visuals

Author: Triston Macauley | Friday 3rd April 2020

#OFB's JS goes in with 'Hard Times' visuals Photograph

OFB’s JS has brought a vibe with his latest release, ‘Hard Times’. The artist manipulates the guitar-strum trap beat with a wavey and tuneful flow.

JS got the mood spot on with this track. The greazy lyrics mixed with his melodious style makes it a banger that gets you gassed. The lyrics are mostly about the trap, getting money and the gang. You only need to hear the chorus once to get you on board. The catchy nature of the chorus gets you rapping along, giving it a feel-good vibe.

In the visuals, we see JS dripping with a Canada goose jacket. The visuals stick to the gassed and greazy theme. All the scenes are set at night time, which further adds to the cruddy aura of the track. OFB have made such a statement over the past few years, showing off the diverse range of talent they have on their roster. JS is another talented artist to come from the star-studded group.

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