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. @SkoreBeezy joins @FumezEngineer for 'Plugged In'

. @SkoreBeezy joins @FumezEngineer for 'Plugged In'

Author: Henry | Tuesday 7th April 2020

. @SkoreBeezy joins @FumezEngineer for 'Plugged In' Photograph

Skore Beezy joins Fumez for the second episode of season one of 'Plugged In.'

Following up from the episode a week ago of a studio with Fumez, as him and Skeamer discuss industry support, jail recall, OJB and plenty more. He links up with Fumez again for the latest episode of 'Plugged In,' where is his freestyling in the booth while Fumez is on his computer impressed by Skore Beezy's freestyle.

He shelled down his freestyle as he implemented his rapid-fire verses and sharp flows over a vigorous drill production.

Check out Skore Beezy's 'Plugged In' freestyle below and let us know your thoughts on our socials.