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Who's checked out @backroadgee ft. @king_salieu and @ambushbuzzworl 'Party Popper' ?

Who's checked out @backroadgee ft. @king_salieu and @ambushbuzzworl 'Party Popper' ?

Author: Triston Macauley | Wednesday 8th April 2020

Who's checked out @backroadgee ft. @king_salieu and @ambushbuzzworl 'Party Popper' ?  Photograph

This one Is hard, each artist on this track brought their A-game. Backroad Gee is quick off the blocks to give us an energy-filled chorus. The rapper keeps up the intense energy in the first verse. He uses a unique flow with so much hype, that it had to get the reload. He rides the beat in a unique fashion, which makes it an entertaining listen.

PA Salieu adds his verse by matching the energy set by Backroad Gee. The artist is also known for his unique style when It comes to delivery. The artist kicks it off with the bars “They can never be like me; I can never be like them”. This instantly gets you on a gas, which sets up the mood nicely for the remainder of the tune.

Ambush comes in with his verse by adding his own flavour. The Camden rapper drops a steady verse in typical Ambush fashion. The artist has a different way of riding beats, putting him in his own lane.

The visuals match the aura of the tune. We see the artists surrounded by the mandem going mad to the banger. These three obviously left it all in the studio. Each artist came in hard, matching each other’s energy. The chemistry was on point with this linkup.

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