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Here’s a list of items that online re-saler KLEKT feel is essential during quarantine

Here’s a list of items that online re-saler KLEKT feel is essential during quarantine

Author: Rafi Benady | Tuesday 7th April 2020

Here’s a list of items that online re-saler KLEKT feel is essential during quarantine Photograph

It’s a list of items believed to make quarantine more bearable, ranging from teapots to trackies.

Supreme “S Logo” Tracksuit:

Now’s the perfect time to grab a high-quality, but a basic hoodie. Supreme’s hoodies are known for their durability. The ‘S’ on the front pec is enough to have you looking cold whilst in your front room.

Off-White™ x IKEA “TEMPORARY” Wall Clock:

If you’re big on watching the hours tick by, you might as well do so in style. This special clock, inspired by Mr Abloh himself has “TEMPORARY” smattered across the front to remind you that this lockdown is not forever.

Palace Charms T-shirt:

The skater brands t-shirt is ideal to be lounging around in. With a graphic on the front of the brand’s letters in a cereal bowl, this is the perfect item of clothing for the spring season.

Supreme x Everlast Folding Exercise Mat:

It seems that most of the world is now doing home workouts now that all the gyms are closed. I guess it’s time to start working out in style with this gem of a collab. The worst-case scenario is that you’ll have a shrine to a stylish routine that once was.

Supreme X Bialetti Moka Express:

This is one for the coffee lovers. With everything going on in the world right now, it’s important to have a bit of quality you-time. Supreme has collaborated with the espresso tycoons to give you what can only be dubbed ‘the coolest coffee maker ever’.

Uniqlo x Kaws Peanuts Plush Toy White:

American artist ‘Kaws’ has collaborated with Uniqlo in the past to give us some of the most notable pieces of streetwear in living memory. This stylisation of Snoopy sees the popular dog’s eyes replaced with the artist's trademark ‘X’.

Off-White™ x IKEA Duvet Cover and Pillowcase:

Another Abloh x IKEA masterpiece. Having good bedding is essential, and having this bedding is fly as f*ck. This is every Soundcloud rapper’s wet dream with the majority-grey colour complemented with the orange brand-stitching in the corner.

Supreme x Frette slippers:

What a time to invest in slippers. You can’t stunt in new trainers right now, but you definitely can in these slippers. Boasting soft towel material, you need to remember that you can’t wear these to work once this nightmare is over.

Nike x Off-White™ Mon Amour Magia Football:

More from El diAbloh. Let’s face it, life without football is painful…. I’ve had to start talking to my mum for example. However, this collab, released during the 2018 World Cup, can help you master your skills as well as style. Maybe if I get one it’ll help me forget my mum exists!

Supreme “Save the Planet” T-shirt:

A very fitting piece for our current situation don’t you think? This one’s about doing our bit to conserve the environment. Although it may be light-hearted, make sure that you follow government advice on staying home.

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