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Yung Fume unleashes new visuals to 'Devilish'

Yung Fume unleashes new visuals to 'Devilish'

Author: Triston Macauley | Friday 10th April 2020

Yung Fume unleashes new visuals to 'Devilish'  Photograph

Yung Fume falls into the category of the waviest artists to come from the UK, and his latest release gutter supports this. The south London artist gives us that straight trap sound as he delivers his new single titled Devilish.

Fume rides the trap-beat using a stylish flow. We often associate the sound with those in the USA. However, Yung Fume has brought the sound to the UK scene, making it his own in the process.

This is the type of banger you can just sip a couple of drinks to and forget your problems for the moment. The rapper always brings good vibes in his music and this is no different. As soon as you press play, it puts you in good spirits. Also, Yung Fume keeps it fresh by switching up the flow; whilst his use of autotune helps add to the wavy nature of the tune.

The visuals represent Fume well. We see the rapper in a room with purple lighting, giving it a trippy vibe. We also get shots of the rapper at Piccadilly circus, showing the listeners his London roots.

Yung Fume has certainly implemented his own style when it comes to that wavy trap sound. It will be nice to see the rapper get the recognition he deserves, as he keeps delivering music.

Check out the video below, and let us know your thoughts on Twitter.