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Gyms face legal action over rent!

Gyms face legal action over rent!

Author: Wardah Sempa | Tuesday 14th April 2020

Gyms face legal action over rent!  Photograph

Gym and leisure centre bosses reportedly say that they face being evicted during the coronavirus crisis over non-payment of rent. Trade body UKActive said urgent action is needed to safeguard exercise venues as unscrupulous landlords use a loophole to threaten eviction.

Last month, new rules to protect commercial tenants were introduced. However, the rules prevent landlords from taking steps to force tenants to pay rent withheld because of the lockdown.

"A worrying number have decided to pursue statutory demand notices or winding-up orders," said Huw Edwards, chief executive of UKActive. "We need the government to act now to direct...that landlords cannot do this. With 2,800 gyms at risk of permanent closure and 100,000 jobs at stake, time is of the essence."