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Krept delivers fiery 'Morley's Freestyle'

Krept delivers fiery 'Morley's Freestyle'

Author: Liss Morales | Thursday 10th October 2019

Krept delivers fiery 'Morley's Freestyle' Photograph

Krept, of the duo Krept and Konan, goes solo for the moment and delivers his fiery brand-new freestyle titled Morley's Freestyle.

Morley's Freestyle is witty, full of slick lyricism and has crazy punchlines. Krept is well-equipped with the bars, and this freestyle just proves that notion further. The instrumental is bouncy and with the rappers quick tongue and versatile flows, it makes the freestyle sound really good in it's entirety. And of course, there are some cheeky lyrics involved in true Krept fashion.

If this is part of the warmup to Krept and Konan's forthcoming album then we're definitely excited. Also, Krept and Konan have a big announcement at 8pm, tonight, so make sure you check their socials shortly to find out what it is!

Watch Krept's Morley's Freestyle in the video below and share your thoughts with us on Twitter.