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. @MECCA_ERICA shares her new single 'Smooth Connection'

. @MECCA_ERICA shares her new single 'Smooth Connection'

Author: NJ | Wednesday 6th May 2020

. @MECCA_ERICA shares her new single 'Smooth Connection' Photograph

Born in the Philippines, but raised in South London, the 19 year-old rising R&B starlet uses music as a vessel to express her emotions. Her brand new single 'Smooth Connection' is about meeting someone one and instantly vibing with them, where nothing is forced and the energy is infectious! It was created this year, during a time where she had the ability to work with different produces and experience exceptional talents.

The Diva Mecca Erica who has just started out her mainstream career with has managed to bring the world some new talent during quarantine. She continues to release content on her YouTube channel with quality videos and edits by filming her music videos indoors.

Erica definitely has something to offer the world.

Check her new single below and be sure to check out her social media.