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. @NSG release another banger ‘Porsche’

. @NSG release another banger ‘Porsche’

Author: Boy Nash | Friday 8th May 2020

. @NSG release another banger ‘Porsche’ Photograph

NSG have evidently found their lane and winning formula when it comes to their music and visual content. They bring fun vibes to the Afro and UK music scene. Their latest release is titled Porsche and is directed by Kevin Hudson who is a well-known director within the UK Music scene.

The opening scene of the video starts with scenes of a girl bouncing her behind on a desk whilst OGD delivers the opening chorus. The first verse of the song is handled by OGD and fellow NSG member Mujib. Mojo kicks the second verse off in style and Kruddz ends it with sauce. The whole video is a vibe keeping your attention all the way through the video.

Big shouts to NSG. Check out the visuals below.