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NEW @kyngmia drops debut EP 'Billian Baby 3.0'

NEW @kyngmia drops debut EP 'Billian Baby 3.0'

Author: Wardah Sempa | Tuesday 12th May 2020

NEW @kyngmia drops debut EP 'Billian Baby 3.0'  Photograph

Kyng MIA has released his debut EP, 'Billian Baby 3.0'! You probably recognise the rapper from us constantly posting his videos on the channel and also being featured in Capital Xtra's presenter Rob Bruce's '5 Artist Under 5k' feature!

In the new offering, the South London rapper unleashes three tracks and showcases his versatility on each track. Personally, I wanted more tracks but Link Up TV are definitely excited to see Kyng MIA's growth.

Listen to the full E.P below: