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NEW @Tayfunkkr Drops New ‘HB Freestyle’

NEW @Tayfunkkr Drops New ‘HB Freestyle’

Author: Boy Nash | Friday 15th May 2020

NEW @Tayfunkkr Drops New ‘HB Freestyle’ Photograph

Shout Out to Joey Clipstar for providing a platform for artist to deliver wavy freestyles and gain new fans via his platform Hardest Bars Freestyles. Today's edition sees a rapper who goes by the name Tayfun. Tayfuns last release titled 'Stuck In The Trap' scored 774k views, very impressive.

Today Tayfun steps to Hardest Bars Freestyle mantle and delivers his lyrical flow over a drill and bouncy hip hop beat which I believe is two separate takes. Lyrically Tayfun had some well written and delivered lines, an example would be when he said: " Man caught teeth on an accident call it accidental". Tayfun stays consistent through his freestyle and gets his message across in style.

Check the video out below. Like, share, and comment.