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Poundz brings the vibe with new single 'Opp Thot'

Poundz brings the vibe with new single 'Opp Thot'

Author: Sam Rasmin | Friday 11th October 2019

Poundz  brings the vibe with new single 'Opp Thot' Photograph

South London rapper Poundz has independelty risen to the forefront of the UK scene. Ammassing over 10 million views on YouTube, the gifted creative is hot on the mark right now showcasing his creative vision, endless dances that have taken over Instagram, cheeky character and a growing collection of killer tracks such as Whose Laughing, Mourinho and SkengBop.

Now, as he looks to make waves across the country another time he has joined forces with Disturbing London to deliver the brand new single Opp Thot. Teasing Instagram and his 125k followers with behind the scenes footage, video snippets and him even taking over a wedding party to practice the Opp Thot moves, his ever growing fan base can now take in the tune in full.

The fresh new track doesn't only bring a welcomed slice of positivity, but also sees him broaden his sonics whilst keeping the hard-hitting, rapid-fire flow that he’s renowned for, and there is no doubt that this record is geared up to be another monumental moment in the rise of Poundz.

Check out Opp Thot now and let us know your thoughts.