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#ThrowBackThursday Link Up TV original bangers

#ThrowBackThursday Link Up TV original bangers

Author: Rafi Benady | Thursday 21st May 2020

#ThrowBackThursday Link Up TV original bangers Photograph

Just one I thought you lot would appreciate - to take a bit of pressure off the lockdown. This one’s featuring Joe Black, Twiss, and Clue. That’s a recipe for a banger.

Now this track right here is just Clue alone, but don’t get it twisted - it’s damn hot. Clue f****d up the whole Wandsworth borough all by himself with this in 2012.

Anyone who was listening to this sort of music back then knows about this anthem.

This one’s a bit of a deeper sound, but it’s still a whole vibe in itself. Back in 2011 Krept & Konan dropped their legendary Behind Barz, covering Adele’s ‘Hometown Glory.’ If Link Up’s old tracks were your thing, then there’s no excuse to not know this one.

This one right here’s just a classic. Words alone can’t describe the impact this one had one the scene. ‘Big Squeeko’ was ringing bells when it first dropped.

Tell me you don’t know this one and you’re getting off’d. Ratlin had the scene on ropes when he released ‘Messiah’. It’s one of those tracks where the remix trumps the original (Mavado).