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Aonenine releases brand new video to new single 'Shops'

Aonenine releases brand new video to new single 'Shops'

Author: Thelma Khupe | Thursday 21st May 2020

Aonenine releases brand new video to new single 'Shops' Photograph

With the release of the visuals for his single "Shops", Aonenine has yet again gone above and beyond to deliver an unconventional music experience.

Directed and edited by AdamK, with Shek on production, "Shops" is a completely in-house production for London based collective, DTOXiD, showcasing a high level of multi-medium, southern talent. Be sure to follow their social accounts for more releases @dtoxstudios !

Glitchy transitions and surreal video effects take this song to the next level, creating an immersive visual experience much like that of his previous single “Chase”, that teased this release. Filmed a year ago, the video was directed by AdamK, following A1 through his routine buying drip in the vibrant off-licences of London, stylin’ and getting money.

Sitting far from A1’s usual melodic style, the beat itself was actually switched to one of Shek’s during the production process, a decision made to more accurately represent the diversifying development of A1’s sound over the course of the year. He flows over a growling, greezy bass and a simple, head-popping drum pattern with a meticulous yet simultaneously effortless flow from start to finish. There's a lot to come of Aonenine this year, with an EP set to be released in June. So keep your eyes peeled.

Stream 'Shops' below: