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We caught up with Brooklyn rapper Sosa Geek

We caught up with Brooklyn rapper Sosa Geek

Author: Thelma Khupe | Saturday 23rd May 2020

We caught up with Brooklyn rapper Sosa Geek Photograph

Brooklyn drill rapper, Sosa Geek, is the artist behind the street hit 'Wooo Walk'. And with a growing discography of electrifying drill collaborations alongside the likes of Fivio Foreign and Drake, that have catalysed his path to stardom, Sosa's influence is undoubtable. In this quick-fire interview, Sosa touches on New York, quarantining and of course, music.

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'As long as we keep creating different sounds, people are gonna keep on listening.' Sosa Geek

Thelma: First things first, What have you been doing during this period of social distancing?

Sosa: I’ve been doing music, perfecting my craft and that’s it. Staying out the way.

Thelma: How did you come up with the name ‘Sosa Geek’, that's not your real name is it?

Sosa: No that’s my stage name. I don’t even know how I came up with it, I just came up with it. I've always been a Sosa type of dude.

Thelma: You’re from New York right?

Sosa: Yeah

Thelma: Did that environment contribute to your music?

Sosa: Nah, anywhere I live, my music be the same because I’m a creative person.

Thelma: When did you decide to you wanted to become an artist, or has this been the case your whole life?

Sosa: Nah, I’ve always been an entertainer, people just took a liking to me and things I do. I came up with a dance and all the kids was doing it.

Thelma: Who are your biggest inspirations in the industry?

Sosa: NBA YoungBoy. Because I can relate to that, I only listen to shit I can relate to.

Thelma: You were featured on Drake’s 'Dark Lane DemoTapes', tell me about that briefly.

Sosa: Yeah, New York drill. We had to come up with a plan. Drake said he wanted to go viral. So I told him let's go viral.

Sosa teased the Fivio x Drake collaboration in February with an Instagram snippet of the song that quickly went viral. Three months later, Drake's surprise release of Dark Lane Demo Tapes featured the full song, 'Demons', produced by Croydon's JB made it. Demons has since landed at number 34 on Billboards Hot 100, Sosa's first Hot 100 entry.

Thelma: The drill scene in America is burgeoning, in your own experience, what do you think inspires it?

Sosa: I don't know, just coming up with different sounds and different ways to entertain people.

Thelma: How would you describe your music in 3 words?

Sosa: Movie. Viral. Action.

Thelma: Speaking of drill, are there any UK drill artists you’d want to work with?

Sosa: I did already, I did a song with Ivorian Doll.

Thelma: Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Sosa: I’m gonna be a billionaire. I’m tryna to do the music until I can just be a boss and I’m gonna do nothing.

Thelma: Do you think rap will sound different by that time?

Sosa: As long as we keep creating different sounds people are gonna keep on listening.

Thelma: What can we expect from you post-corona? Any shows, features, releases etc?

Sosa: Yeah, I have a tape coming out. Might have a couple of shows, we’re going viral.

Thelma: Any Message for your fans?

Sosa: Remain humble. Be patient, your time is coming. Don't be too nice because people have a tendency to take your kindness for weakness. And yeah stay out the way.