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Celebrate Bandcamp Friday with new releases from many artists!

Celebrate Bandcamp Friday with new releases from many artists!

Author: Daniel David | Friday 5th June 2020

Celebrate Bandcamp Friday with new releases from many artists!  Photograph

Today is another Bandcamp Friday, where Bandcamp waives their fees meaning that the artist receives more revenue share of their sales. Bandcamp Friday was set up as a result of the Coronavirus crisis, with many artists missing out on revenue due to the cancellation of shows. And with the current protests going on about the injustices in America and Britain, some artists have chosen to donate the money they make from certain songs to Bail Funds or support pages for families of those who have lost their lives.

So today is a day to dig deep in your pockets and support your favourite artists, and here are some you can get started with:

Bob Vylan - We Live Here EP

With a description of “Recorded in 2019, mastered in 2020, relevant today” this EP is something special, featuring Jason Aalon Butler, the lead singer of Fever 333, this is the soundtrack for everything happening at the moment.

The EP can be bought here

Razor and Dutchie Limao - Racks

Spitting over a pounding beat with a haunting vocal sample, Razor and Dutchie spit intensely, Razor sounding like he is spitting through gritted teeth, rapping about the need to get his mum out of the flats. Dutchie comes through on the second verse, depicting the patience he has had in trying to stack his money.

Merky Ace and Capo Lee - Clash of the Pagans

Merky Ace and Capo Lee have unleashed an EP recorded in 2015 with production by Splurt Diablo and Rude Kid.The 2 trade rapid fire verses over grimy production for 6 tracks. The artwork for this one is sick as well, the whole package is quality.

SBK - New Flex

This new one from SBK sees him spit over one of his own productions and shows his progress as an artist, showing his determination to continue making his name known in the industry and provide for his family.

You can purchase the single here

Snowy - 26 Personalities

Snowy dropped a song and an instrumental with proceeds going to the Minnesota Freedoum Fund. The beat, named after the man who drove 30 miles with his son to check if his eyesight was ok, is a bassy, screwface inducing beat, with Snowy riding the beat, using a few different flows.

Space - Jigsaw Pieces

Space has dropped a Bandcamp track that won’t be on streaming for a while, with proceeds going to the Breonna Taylor GoFundMe Campaign. Spitting over a guitar sample, Space spits a variety of punchlines, including some for you Norse/Marvel fans.

M.I.C - Witchclart

2 Tracks from M.I.C. in preparation for his album Duskrunner, with production from PK Brako and himself, these 2 tracks highlight why music from M.I.C is so highly anticipated. Get ready for #DuskrunnerSeason

This is just a sample of some of the songs released today, do check out your favourite artists and support them at this time.