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CPS to review death of Belly Mujinga

CPS to review death of Belly Mujinga

Author: Wardah Sempa | Friday 5th June 2020

CPS to review death of Belly Mujinga Photograph

CPS will be looking into Belly Mujinga's death independently after she was spat at and infected with the coronavirus. British Transport Police (BTP) concluded last week Belly Mujinga's death was not linked to the incident and closed the case however more than a million people have signed a petition in support of Ms Mujinga and to make sure she received justice.

The public reaction to the case being closed took the family by surprise, he said, adding it had come amid anger over the killing of George Floyd in the US.

He said: "On Wednesday, thousands of people protested in London to cry it loud that black lives matter.

"Black lives do matter. Belly's life mattered.

"It mattered to me, to our daughter, our friends and family, to Belly's colleagues, and now it matters to many thousands of you out there."

Angie Doll, managing director of Southern Railway and Gatwick Express, said: "Our hearts go out to Belly's family who we continue to offer our deepest sympathies to.

"While the conclusion of the BTP investigation found no evidence of spitting, any loss of one of our dedicated colleagues from coronavirus is one too many.

"Our absolute focus remains on keeping all of our colleagues safe, and we continue to follow all government health advice to protect them."