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El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Released

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Released

Author: Lewis Newman | Sunday 13th October 2019

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Released Photograph

Time certainly does fly. It's been six years since the game-changing Breaking Bad hit our screens for the final time, and fans worldwide said goodbye to their favourite meth cooks. The series was, of course, the story of one Walter White, following his journey from cancer-stricken high school teacher to ruthless head of a drug empire, Heisenberg.

The series was an incredible achievement, and rightly stands as one of the most impressive stories to ever hit the small screen. The cast is outstanding, the writing even better and the series seems to have only grown in popularity since it's end. This is in part due to the explosion of Netflix onto the entertainment scene. Fans of Breaking Bad were mostly satisfied with its conclusion, finding Walter's end a perfect fit. One area where they have lacked closure however, is with fan favourite Jessie Pinkman. He was last scene escaping the compound in which he was held prisoner, breaking through its gates behind the wheel of an old El Camino, which is where this movie picks up.

El Camino is an emotional tale. One of self discovery, suffering and the path to redemption. Aaron Paul gives a knockout performance as Jessie, anchoring the films themes well. For a piece which builds tension so easily, I was surprised to find just as many light-hearted funnier moments in between. Director and writer Vince Gilligan knows this world better than anyone, and he strikes the balance captured in the series so well again here. The movie almost serves as a lost episode, but never proves to be unwelcome. In my opinion, this is a natural progression of the story I invested in for so long, and one that is welcome in the Breaking Bad universe. Will any old favourites return? Head over to Netflix and see for yourself. El Camino is streaming now. Peace!