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Genesis Elijah drops powerful new album 'Blurred'

Genesis Elijah drops powerful new album 'Blurred'

Author: Daniel David | Friday 12th June 2020

Genesis Elijah drops powerful new album 'Blurred' Photograph

Geneisis Elijah had planned to drop an album this year called 'Vision.' But then like so many of our plans, it was scuppered once we were under lockdown. So to reflect the changed plans, he releases 'Blurred' (get it Blurred Vision).

The album touches on very current subjects, speaking on lockdown experience and the protests following the killing of George Floyd. Genesis Elijah also experiments with his sound on one of the highlights 'House Music' which had me cracking up once I got to the chorus.
I am still taking this album in but this is a big one. Hopefully, Genesis Elijah gets to fulfil his full Vision at some point. But Blurred is a really timely album and is exactly what we need at the moment.
Check it out below and let us know what you think.