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Skengdo X AM unveil fresh visuals for 'Gemma'

Skengdo X AM unveil fresh visuals for 'Gemma'

Author: Lily Batten | Monday 15th June 2020

Skengdo X AM unveil fresh visuals for 'Gemma' Photograph

Hailed as two of Briton's 'greatest new talents' the Brixton boys, Skengdo X AM, have released visuals for their role in the huge compilation that features Double Lz, Kwengface, RV, Trizzac, CGM, V9, Fizzler and more. Their offering, Gemma, is just one of 12 within the album, named The First Drill.

Alongside the release, the duo have dropped a video that nods towards changing personal and public perceptions linked with success, from every day to media onslaught. Kicking off with somewhat angelic, distorted harmonies, the track follows with intricate percussion and equally pacey lyrics.

The release perfectly showcases two of Drills finest taking it in turns to shout out Corona through to Boris in an impressive new effort, Gemma.