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M24 drops cold visuals to ‘Peter Pan’

M24 drops cold visuals to ‘Peter Pan’

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 18th June 2020

M24 drops cold visuals to ‘Peter Pan’  Photograph

M24 has come through with a new banger, Peter Pan. The Brixton rapper dons an intense flow over a melodious and airy drill beat.

M24 always delivers his bars so fervently. The aggression you hear in his voice adds to his distinct sound. The content of the braggadocious lyrics certainly matches his energy-filled delivery. M24 always has his adlibs (ugh ugh) on point, adding to the cruddy nature of the tack.

Akash Bagga directed visuals accompany the track as an entertaining watch. The video takes place outside, where we see M24 turn the streets into a prime motive. We get a glimpse of flashy cars and good-looking women. Other scenes include the rapper with his squad vibing to the banger.

The best way to describe an M24 track, is pure adrenaline. His preeminent style gives the track that excitement, that could have you screwing up your face for the whole duration.

The South London rapper has definitely implemented himself as one of the prominent figures in the drill scene. His ferocious delivery mixed alongside his cruddy bars makes him a standout rapper.

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts.