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Ramz celebrates Black girls in new single 'Underneath'

Ramz celebrates Black girls in new single 'Underneath'

Author: Liss Morales | Friday 19th June 2020

Ramz celebrates Black girls in new single 'Underneath' Photograph
Platinum certified Ramz has released his breathtaking new single ‘Underneath’.
Produced by Capri, Underneath is an ode to Black women - focusing on our dark skinned Queens - that touches on embracing the skin you’re in from a mental and physical standpoint.
“This song is a celebration of dark skin girls. It’s also about striving to be comfortable in your own skin and being proud of your own skin, in its most natural form.” Says Ramz.
Directed by Kirx, the Underneath visuals are breathtakingly simple. Whilst Ramz leads with performance, he is surrounded by beautiful dark skinned females standing elegantly in their natural glory.
“I really hope this song helps empower anyone who is feeling uncomfortable in their own skin, for whatever reason, right now.”
Check out the Underneath visuals below, and share your thoughts with us on Twitter.