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Madman State Drops New Video 'Believe It Now

Madman State Drops New Video 'Believe It Now

Author: Boy Nash | Friday 26th June 2020

Madman State Drops New Video 'Believe It Now Photograph

Madman State blesses us with a brand new single and visual featuring Anousha and M.Evans which is titled 'Believe It Now'. The song is self-produced by Mad Man State, not to mention the visuals and scenery go hand in hand with the lyrics of the song.

A big shout out to the director of this cinematic audiovisual Sebastian Taguiang. Mad Man State emphasises the importance of being yourself, which in turn will allow you to manifest your dreams and beliefs.

In my personal opinion the words of the song are nurturing, comforting and inspirational. Anousha's voice blesses the chorus of the song. I also enjoyed the various rhyme schemes used by Madman State, but the second verse stood out to me the most. Once again big shouts to Madman State

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