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Shamil releases new song and visuals 'SOHANA'

Shamil releases new song and visuals 'SOHANA'

Author: Thelma Khupe | Friday 26th June 2020

Shamil releases new song and visuals 'SOHANA' Photograph

With comparison being drawn to the likes of The Weeknd, PARTYNEXTDOOR a nd Nav, the Alaska artists laid back and unique style has recently gained attention from decorated industry veteran Bronz Of 13 Life (A&R scout for artists including Post Malone and Harmony Samuels), and with his last release ‘Cola’ making waves in the US underground R&B scene, Shamil is continuing to turn heads of R&B industry royalty.

The single sees the 21 year old Anchorage native in his element, singing over a relaxed, mesmeric R&B type beat, talking on past relationships and a once lived wild lifestyle.

Speaking on the content of the single, Shamil says:

“Sohana is about a girl that I was talking to at the time that had a wild lifestyle, yet I was more interested in the person she was than the type of life she lived. My emotions and feelings took over the logic of the situation. Even though I wasn’t into the type of stuff she was into, I really didn’t care. I want people to see how lust and attraction can cloud your decisions and judgement when it comes to certain people.”

Be sure to keep locked in with his movements this year -there’s plenty more to come.