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 TTG Lolo Strikes it Lucky With 'Roll The Dice'

 TTG Lolo Strikes it Lucky With 'Roll The Dice'

Author: Stephen Jones | Sunday 28th June 2020

 TTG Lolo Strikes it Lucky With 'Roll The Dice'  Photograph

TTG Lolo has come through rolling with his new track 'Roll The Dice.' The artist spits his epic flow over a rather contemporary-sounding beat. The end result? - A fresh sounding track that will certainly get your attention and make you reach for the replay button.

TTG Lolo hits a little different with this one, he comes forward with a distinctive flow that sounds very good through the speakers. 'Roll The Dice' is a well-crafted song - it's got a vibrant feel about it, and both the beat and lyrics are working in tandem together.

The visuals are what you'd expect from the song. TTG Lolo having some fun with the gang, and yes... you guessed it - rolling some dice. A Blazeoffical is behind the visuals for this one, and they do a pretty effective job conveying the message and showcasing TTG Lolo's musical talents.

Make your own luck and give 'Roll The Dice' a listen!