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J Boy is feeling 'Active' with his new release

J Boy is feeling 'Active' with his new release

Author: Stephen Jones | Sunday 28th June 2020

J Boy is feeling 'Active' with his new release Photograph

Have you guys had a lazy Sunday? Well, it's about to get a lot more ACTIVE!

J Boy has come through with a certified song for the streets with his new song 'Active' the beat is something to behold and who else to spit his dynamite on it but the man himself - J Boy.

The artist has destroyed this one and then some. Coming through with a powerful delivery, it would be a fair assumption to say that he has been active in the studio mustering this one up. The sound on this is a vibe from the onset, the sharp beat comes unforgivingly for your ears, and J Boy's delivery knocks it out the park for a home run.

Honestly, my people, the flow on this one is too cold.

You simply don't wanna' let this one getaway! Be a little more proactive and go and check out J Boy's new release 'Active' below!