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Burna Boy drops ‘Wonderful’ video

Burna Boy drops ‘Wonderful’ video

Author: Rafi Benady | Wednesday 1st July 2020

Burna Boy drops ‘Wonderful’ video Photograph

Burna Boy has dropped the visuals for his latest banger entitled ‘Wonderful’.

It’s an Afrobeats anthem, and Burna Boy must be commended for his commitment to Africanism and celebrating his culture. There’s no talk of drugs or violence, no clips of women in skimpy bikinis - just a straight vibe from the motherland. It really instils a sense of hope and happiness in the viewer, something we really need right now during these depressing and peculiar times.

The visuals are of the musician and a tribe dancing and just generally having a good time. ‘Wonderful’ is from his upcoming album ‘Twice As Tall’, which is supposedly being released this summer.

Having won a Grammy in 2019, things are looking up for Burna Boy.

Check it out below.