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Cilla Raie unleashes 'Ain't No One'

Cilla Raie unleashes 'Ain't No One'

Author: Wardah Sempa | Wednesday 1st July 2020

Cilla Raie unleashes 'Ain't No One'  Photograph

Cilla Raie releases a female anthem with a brand new track, 'Ain't No One', produced by Joey Dyer (Iggy Azalea - Fancy, Katy B). The singer releases a saucy video to accomplish her latest single. Combining her love for R&B and soul music, “Ain’t No One” delivers soft and sultry vocals with heartfelt lyrics.

With Cilla Raie’s entrepreneurial skills she directed and edited the music video for “Ain’t No One’” herself. With the recent events that have been occurring around the world, the #BlackLivesMatter movement has inspired Cilla Raie to stand strong in the cause by also creating her own pro-black merchandise for her fans and the single.

Watch the full video below: