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Kid D and Novelist link up for 'Serious Choices'

Kid D and Novelist link up for 'Serious Choices'

Author: Stephen Jones | Thursday 2nd July 2020

Kid D and Novelist link up for 'Serious Choices'  Photograph

This year has been a good year for music, hasn't it? It's seen so many serious sounds come our way, and now it looks like we've even got 'Serious Choices' coming our way as well.

Kid d is a producer-turned MC who has been killing it with his bars lately. The artist will be gracing us with his debut MC project 'Substance' and if 'Serious Choices' is anything to go by then you can expect a few great-sounding joints.

His latest release sees him enlist the help of the one and only Novelist. The pair combine well and make for a very memorable track with 'Serious Choices.'

This is the EP's fourth single and it really doesn't disappoint. Kid D comes through with an explosive flow and shows us why he has decided to take the mic. The addition of Novelist works extremely well as we see him shell down some great lines.

Go and check out 'Serious Choices' down below.