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Cbiz releases new visuals to ‘VIVID’

Cbiz releases new visuals to ‘VIVID’

Author: Triston Macauley | Friday 3rd July 2020

Cbiz releases new visuals to ‘VIVID’  Photograph

C Biz is back with fresh visuals to vivid. The Kilburn rapper dons a typical catchy flow of a smooth trap beat. He gets the track started off with the chorus, which is simple and effective. We hear a slight switch up halfway through the banger as the artist adds a some autotune to his voice, adding more hype to the banger.

C Biz is known for his flashy bars about stunting and flexing, but one thing he does not get enough credit for is his storytelling. The £R representative has a way of perfectly painting a picture to the listener through his bars. He has a way of making you understand exactly what he has been through and how he feels through his music.

The visuals are nicely done. We see the rapper in a spacious house reciting his bars whilst we get features from an actual snake slithering down the bannister. Other scenes include the rapper outside rocking his jewellery whilst showing off his luxury Maserati.

Every time we hear Biz on a track, we know exactly what to expect. I feel like he is spitting nothing, but realness and this latest release is no different.

Check the video here and let us know your thoughts.