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Lux Thugs unleashes 'Space Trap' genre

Lux Thugs unleashes 'Space Trap' genre

Author: Matic | Monday 6th July 2020

Lux Thugs unleashes 'Space Trap' genre Photograph

Every now and then we discover something that makes the hair in the back of our necks slowly rise up and send chills throughout our body. This may not be the case for everyone and of course If we all liked the same colour and dressed in the same clothes, then life would be quite boring, right?

Lux Thugs describes his music as Space Trap. Produced in the pockets of space trapped in between other genres to ultimately create a song that identifies within the boarders of UK Rap / Hip Hop. Don’t be surprised when you start hearing more of Lux Thugs. I would love for him to do a collaboration with up and comer Shocktown (match made in heaven) or someone along the like of J Hus.

The future of music has always been about versatility and the ability to adapt. Nothing stays the same so you either evolve or be extinct. Lux Thugs has moulded an ever evolving genre with Space Trap. The possibilities are endless. Go listen to Pipes by Lux Thugs his most recent release and nearly at 100k streams on Spotify. Listen to the clean version as well, I somehow enjoy the clean version more!