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Nina Rose drops debut “Like I Do” visuals

Nina Rose drops debut “Like I Do” visuals

Author: Lily Batten | Monday 6th July 2020

Nina Rose drops debut “Like I Do” visuals  Photograph

Nina Rose is a fresh artist that has released a hedonistic debut single. Like I Do is a smooth, slow track that brims with layers of sensual sounds amidst Nina's R&B focused vocals and angelic harmonies.

Nina Rose is a young artist that calls herself the conscious rebel. Her first release follows the journey of love and the most important lessons she has remembered along the way. The video is immersed in tales of two lovers that represent a realising of the powerlessness needed to switch it up. Then, Nina confidently asserts a new level of control, through the intimate and empowering visuals.

The track is embedded with poignant questions surrounding expected worth. "Do you see me for more than what's between my thighs? The arch of my back or the depth of my eyes?"

Check out the video for Nina Rose's Like I Do, below.