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Paul Stephan returns with brand new song 'Keep it Real'

Paul Stephan returns with brand new song 'Keep it Real'

Author: Josh Clubbe | Wednesday 8th July 2020

Paul Stephan returns with brand new song 'Keep it Real'  Photograph

Paul Stephan returns with his latest track ‘Keep it Real’. This witty warm-up track is a key release in the build-up to the launch of his new EP ‘Nothing to Lose’. Performed exclusively at the Wireless Festival Connect, at Alexandra Palace, the Thamesmead artist brings his character and care-free personality to the forefront, in a song that evokes positivity with a touch of attitude – the right kind.

The production by Jemzent is a plus point too - it’s got the right level of synths and 808s which in turn, give the rhythm a bouncy feeling.

Even before the bars, there’s a natural bop which means it requires something quite strong and not over complicated to make it work. Paul cuts in, his delivery skips to the beat effortlessly; continually switching up the pace, flow and rhyming structures, but all the while keeping it fairly simplified. However, this is what fans of Paul have always appreciated – the punchlines and the willingness to project his musical energy in a non-serious way whilst not sacrificing the quality.

For the people reading this who may not have listened to the ‘Stupid Mad Fresh’ artist before, it’s worth pointing out its fun music with a bounce, and I think that encapsulates his sound well. But don’t get me wrong, there’s versatility in his style, and his repertoire shows how he can flow on drill type beats – this the more serious side for serious listeners.