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BeckMilli repping the South with ‘Do Road’

BeckMilli repping the South with ‘Do Road’

Author: Matic | Wednesday 8th July 2020

BeckMilli repping the South with ‘Do Road’  Photograph

Meet BeckMilli, a much needed breath of fresh air for the UK Drill scene which is dominated by her male counterparts. South London rapper BeckMilli debuts her Official music video ‘Do Road’ on her own youtube channel. Directed by Posted Lee with music produced by SjBeats she takes you on a journey of ‘trapping’.

New comer BeckMilli delivers ‘Do Road’ to stake her claim within the UK Drill scene. Really looking forward to hearing more music from the South London rapper and it would interesting to see how she will develop as an artist in the up and coming years.

Always have my ears glued to the streets to discover music from British artists, especially Hip Hop. With some artists you either love or hate and BeckMilli thinks this applies for her debut ‘Do Road’. Have a listen and decide for yourself.

Once you are determined, the possibilities are endless, so keep on the grind and eventually it will be your time to shine!