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Keeya Keys Brings More Flavour With His 'T90 Freestyle'

Keeya Keys Brings More Flavour With His 'T90 Freestyle'

Author: Josh Clubbe | Wednesday 8th July 2020

Continuing the momentum, Keeya Keys brings more flavour with his ‘T90 Freestyle’. The fluid rap style he adopts in this latest freestyle, complements the delivery of his bars; in a track packed with punchlines, the charm he brings forth adds that extra bit of flair. One example of this playful nature for you can be heard early on, with “No ice on my neck but the drink’s on the rocks, I’m thinkin’ this girl’s winking a lot” -

Off the back of his most recent drop, ‘Ruud’ (Below), the ‘T90 Freestyle’, produced by 4Play, takes a similar title theme… that being football (the T90 is a nostalgic football boot of old, made popular by Wayne Rooney).

With very subtle nods to this throughout the song, it’s mainly in the chorus when comparing the interactions with partners, the double entendre on display, that he alludes to the theme e.g “she threw it back like a T90”… oh and a Jose Mourinho soundbite at the end, but that’s a treat for those who roll with it.

This new freestyle, just about demonstrates the lyrical ability he has in his locker and the knack to build a narrative around a topic with humour. Keeya Keys not only adds to his arsenal, but clears the route to his rise.