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M1llionz continues to stake his claim with new song 'B1llionz'

M1llionz continues to stake his claim with new song 'B1llionz'

Author: Josh Clubbe | Thursday 9th July 2020

M1llionz continues to stake his claim with new song 'B1llionz' Photograph

M1llionz continues to stake his claim as he drops fire new track ‘B1llionz’.

The Birmingham-hailing artist puts his unique style back into the airwaves and hits hard with the visuals too, chopping from scene-to-scene to build the narrative of a working man. Joined by his crew, his expansive numbers patrol the streets in high spirits, then the video transitions from the rise - from the streets to the mansions.

A beat produced by Bkay displays sampled vocals, drill rattles and statement 808s, of which drive home the intent of the record, providing the perfect layer for M1llionz to add to. Starting with an inviting hook, ending on “make my first mill by 2021”, the beat pauses slightly and the 808s then kick the track back into life with the tempo of the track picking up.

The unorthodox flow of M1llionz definitely has a part to play in how his tracks slap differently. The extra word slipped into bars to overextend them, is something distinct to his sound and not many attempt this technique due to the difficulty of making it work... but he has no issue here.

2020 has certainly shown the scene how M1llionz plans to continue. He has a high work rate, consistent standards and a formula to build a fanbase; which seems to be working with clear evidence in his Spotify monthly listeners now sitting big at 610,677.

Check out the B1llionz visuals below, and share your thoughts with us on Twitter.