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KAZ releases his brand new track 'London Dungeons'

KAZ releases his brand new track 'London Dungeons'

Author: Casey Dorney | Monday 13th July 2020

KAZ releases his brand new track 'London Dungeons' Photograph

After taking an evidently beneficial and reflective break from the music scene, KAZ has returned with an incredibly cold new track titled ‘London Dungeons’. His distinctive flow instantly catches the ear through his raps and wordplay, resonating a very different sound to most in the industry. This is what makes KAZ’s originality more visible and will make him more likely to succeed at a greater pace.

Within the track, KAZ delivers the contrasted correlation between ‘London dungeons’ and prisons, highlighting societal issues within the youth, particularly in London resulting in the continuous cycles and consequences of committing crime. This creates an informative reasoning behind his music, showing that the production and structure of the track has substance, targeting listeners in an alternative way.

With over 15,000 views on YouTube already, KAZ has already succeeded in kickstarting his new, more independent start in music. He has the potential to become one of the most renowned drill rappers in South London and as an underrated artist, is soon to be given the recognition he deserves.