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Rapman starts to ‘Wrap Up’ 2020

Rapman starts to ‘Wrap Up’ 2020

Author: Daniel Feliciano | Thursday 16th July 2020

Rapman starts to ‘Wrap Up’ 2020 Photograph

Rapman has had enough of 2020 already and has begun his annual wrap-up of the year.

Released on his own Youtube channel, Rap starts off paying his respects to everyone who has lost their lives during the Covid-19 pandemic and remembers the Australian wildfires too. He touches on Brexit and Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder while also bigging up Michael Ward for winning a BAFTA.

Rapman continues to reminisce on the Stormzy vs Wiley clash and J Hus' album 'Big Conspiracy' before turning to the darker events of 2020.

He talks about the death of Geroge Floyd and the resulting 'Black Lives Matter' protests, while also mentioining the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant.

With part-two to come later this year, we hope that the rest of the year can be a more positive experience for everyone involved.

Watch the video below: