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Squad Ties drops brand new 'Shelldon Freestyle'

Squad Ties drops brand new 'Shelldon Freestyle'

Author: Rafi Benady | Tuesday 21st July 2020

Squad Ties drops brand new 'Shelldon Freestyle'  Photograph

Melo’s graced us with a banger entitled 'Sheldon Freestyle', presented by Squad Ties. Squad Ties is a group consisting of Melo and Marcel from Blazin’ Squad.

Melo has a quick flow, and he makes mincemeat of the grimey instrumental. In the lyrics, he reminds us that he’s a master with his wordplay, and how he’s the local ladies man.

He speaks wisdom. “If you’ve got gwop, get a plot away from your block and give your mum keys.” Jokes aside that’s one of, if not the realest bar in the whole track, and by God if anyone reads this and it applies to them take it on board!

Out of curiosity, does anyone else think Melo looks slightly like Don Strapzy?

Check out the banger here.